DURMA HD-FO 3015 is a 2-D high-speed laser cutting and cut-to-length system for sheet material up to a maximum size of 3000×1500 mm. The machine works on the principle of “flying optics”. This means that the sheet material is fixed on the table, and the laser cutting head moves along the X and Y axes. This type of design gives extremely high acceleration values and together with the direct encoder measuring system – maximum accuracy of the parts geometry. Axial movement is controlled by maintenance-free AC servo engines with low inertia and high performance.

Dust and slag produced during laser cutting are sucked through a sectional chamber system. The machine is equipped with manual removable table for loading/discharging of the sheets.

Rack&Pinion Propulsion System:
There are no intermediate gears between the engine and the pinon, which would lead to a loss of accuracy. High precision hard-core rack bars with helical teeth with small clearance and two-way drive with 2 motors are used. This provides an opportunity for acceleration (10m/s^2) , speed (100m/s) and accuracy (0,05 mm).

Laser source
IPG low-KW fiber lasers are in available in a wide range and with an option to use from 10% to their full power, without any change in the deviation of the beam or in the beam profile for the entire range of lasers. This makes it possible to use a laser for both high power applications and low-power applications. The diverse specifications of IPG lasers far exceed those of other lasers. They allow the use of long focal length processing lenses to improve the processing depth and reduce possible damage to optical components.
Lasers can be delivered with a fiber length of up to 100 m, with different diameters. Fiber lasers have a monolithic and robust structure and design that does not require mirrors or optics to be arranged or adjusted. These lasers are significantly smaller and lighter than the traditional lasers, and save valuable space.

• Excellent beam parameter products (BPP)
• Constant beam parameters (BPP) for the entire power range

• Small focus on long working distance
• Maintenance-free operation of the laser
• Modular ‘Plug & Play’ design
• Compact, robust design, easy to install
• Estimated life of diodes up to 100,000 hours

Control system.
Siemens Sinumerik 840DSL CNC control, installed on a removable control console, with an efficient 32-bit microprocessor system with a built-in PC. The system offers a license for one operator and is equipped with an interface and a complete database for cutting of all standard applications. The database includes parameters for cutting of standard materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) for the most popular thicknesses. Based on these reference values, the operator can easily improve the cutting quality for different types of materials. The power of the laser is controlled as a function of trajectory, speed, time and stroke.

CAD/CAM Software
• Fully automatic cutting;
• Optimization: optimization of tools;
• Fast collision protection device.
Optimization regarding the prevention of damage from possible deformations of the material;
• Automatic detection of entry point;
• Cutting direction – optional clockwise or anti-clockwise;
• Improved angle applications provide perfect angles and delicate cutting. Edging , cooling, reducing of speed, circulation.
• Inscription mode: Inscriptions supported by the operating system can be produced directly on the material to be cut.
• Z axis control.
• Common cutting – this option is especially useful for thick sheets and reduces the need to make holes during cutting.

The cutting head is equipped with a capacitive sensor that maintains the distance from the material and is constantly processed, thus ensuring consistent position focus. With the capacitive sensor, the system continuously adjusts the distance between the tip and the part with quick Z-axis control. The laser cutting head includes a cartridge system allowing quick autofocus. Laser head and lenses are suitable for high pressure (25 Bar) cutting. To protect the laser head from overheating, the laser is equipped with water cooling of the collimator. Standard cutting lenses are integrated into a removable cartridge, which guarantees a quick change without any readjustment required.

Filtration system for gases discharged during cutting.
It is used to remove dust, particles and harmful fumes generated during operation. The filter has a steel structure and is equipped with a 55 l dust hopper, a scrap box, four fire-resistant cartridges, a filter protection valve, compressed air components for filter cleaning, collectors, pneumatic and electromagnetic valves.

The laser cutting system, the machine and the CNC controller Sinumerik 840DSL CNC are equipped with safety devices. Limit switches and sensors on the one hand protect the operator from risks and hazards and, on the other hand, prevent system failures, for example as a result of incorrect trajectory measurement or collision between the part and the machine. Diagnostic system informs the operator about the current state of the system and allows them to take measures if necessary to make adjustments to protect and prevent errors and defects. The steps to be taken for this purpose are displayed as plain text on the control screen.

The working area of the machine is separated with sliding doors with special glasses with “makrolon” coating (laser light filter) – a material that allows monitoring from the inside of the working processes and protecting the machine and operator. Doors can be opened to gain free access, for example, to insert a new item – sheet, lense and replace the head, for general maintenance and for other purposes. During laser cutting, the safety devices are locked by means of electromagnetically blocked locks to prevent accidental triggering of the function of machine emergency stop.
The machine complies with all CE safety standards currently in force.

Static parameters
X axis stroke 3080mm
Y axis stroke 1530mm
Z axis stroke 125mm
Maximum sheet dimensions
3048×1524 mm
Maximum sheet weight 575 Kg

Static parameters
X axis fast stroke 90 m/min
Y axis fast stroke 90 m/min
X/Y axis fast stroke 127 m/min
Acceleration 14m/s2
Positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm
Repeatability ± 0,05mm
Control module
PCU50.5-P Intel i5 2.4GHz/8GB SDRam DDR3 WIN7/SSD
2x Ethernet;4xUSB; 1x Com; 1x DVI
External slots
2xPCI ; 1xCF Card
TP 015A 15” Touch panel
Laser cutting head
Laser cutting head -Automatic, self-diagnostic

Maximum cutting capacity
Construction steel 12mm
Stainless steel 6mm
Aluminum (AlMg3) 6mm