Design, engineering and construction / prototyping

Focused on quality and customer satisfaction

Design and engineering

The development and design of the product are entirely aimed at satisfying the desires of our customers. Before moving on to the next phase of production, each product is carefully inspected by our team according to quality criteria.

In the design and engineering phase, based on the customer’s specifications, we develop a product drawing through specialized software. We also create a visualisation of the product in a 3D environment using SolidWorks.


In order to optimise materials and minimise discrepancies, for the needs of your business, we can develop a prototype sample (based on the project).

This is an important element of the manufacturing process and allows us to select the most appropriate technological processes to create the product you want.

Preparation of an offer and deadline for implementation

Our specialists will advise you on the appropriate materials and additional activities (cutting, grinding) to convert your article into a mass-produced product.

For your convenience, they will also prepare a detailed offer, where you will find a deadline for implementation.