Laser cutting

High quality cutting-up method

Laser cutting

Production with metal sheets requires a high level of detail, accuracy and attention.

Laser cutting is a cutting-up method that is fast, reliable and highly efficient. Our laser machines have high power and productivity, which allows us to precisely and accurately cut out the details.


Laser cutting is an extremely effective technology for processing metals and industrial components of various sizes and hardness. All structural and stainless steels, as well as non-ferrous and precious metals, acrylics and their derivatives are subject to laser cutting. The technology is characterized by high cut quality, accuracy and high productivity.

The advantage of laser cutting is its wide application in the cutting of black and colored sheet materials and the ability to cut out details with a different contour and level of complexity with an accuracy of ± 0.05 mm.

The machines are fully or semi-automated and have a high speed of operation. The laser beam does not affect the apparent deformation of the metal and allows to obtain a minimum area of the cut with almost no deformation of the edges. The resulting waste products are removed by a jet of gas, which leads to a smooth surface.

Its use allows for the production of products with high-precision machining in the shortest possible time. Laser cutting enables work with different metals and is suitable for various industrial spheres.


Our specialists will advise you on the appropriate materials and additional activities (cutting, grinding) to turn your product into a mass-produced product.

For your convenience, they will also prepare a detailed offer, where you will find a deadline.

Permissible thicknesses and dimensions





ALUMINUM with sheet dimensions 1500×3000 mm