Three-roll plate-bending machine with electric drive


BENDMAK CY 70-10/1.5, 1050×1.8 mm

1. Conical bending device;
2. Portable control panel;
3. Manual lifting of the rear bending roll;
4. Manual lifting of the lower pressure roll;
5. Electromechanical drive of the main and pressure rolls with a gear motor and gear weels;
6. Rolls from special steel;
5. Stable cast body structure;
6. Side-opening top roll;
7. CE European machine safety certificate.

Technical data:
Bending length: 105 mm
Bending thickness: 1.8 mm
Pre-bending thickness: 1.5mm
Rolls diameter: 70 mm
Min. bending diameter: 105 mm
Machine overall dimensions: 1300х1100х700 mm
Weight: 320 kg
Motor power: 1.1 kW