Combined machine for punching and laser processing Trumpf TruMatic 1000 fiber


The TruMatic 1000 fiber is a laser processing machine that punches holes, bends plates and rolls threads. It is the most compact station wagon in the world. Discover the intelligent solutions for part sorting and automated work.

One machine, two technologies
With the TruMatic machine you benefit from all the advantages of punching and laser processing.

Natural and economical
The solid state laser and Delta Drive together save up to 65% energy compared to a hydraulically driven laser punching machine.

Flexible laser processing
With the robust universal TruFiber laser, you can also separate non-ferrous metals with high performance.

Compact like never before
The most compact station wagon in the world is 24% smaller than the previous model.

Intelligent display of small details
Laser-cut small parts are reliably output into matching parts containers.

Automatic loading and unloading
SheetMaster Compact provides reliable loading and unloading.